This is more than a cookbook - it's a memory book! Originally written just for my kids, the book became a hit to all those that managed to get a copy. Favorite recipes are combined with instructions and tips for preparation. Add quotes and a few family stories, and it's a recipe for a fun book. No gourmet recipes here - just the basics of everyday life!
"Rise and Shine at the Crack of Noon" - breakfast foods
"On the Side" - Salads, Snacks, & Dips and Vegetables
"Soul Food" - Meats, Casseroles, and Soups
"The Extras" - Breads and Beverages
"Last, but not Least" - Fruit Desserts, Candy, Pies, Cakes, and Cookies
"Random Tips" - Food meanings, Measuring, and Sickness Cures

This book is currently unavailable but plans are in the works
for an updated version in the future. Yum!
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More Than Getting By
A Collection of
Our Family Favorites fromMy Heart to Your Home