About the
Ms. Creasy is a retired middle school teacher and librarian. Her experiences include
teaching language arts and history at the Kentucky School for the Blind, and in Jefferson
and Bullitt Counties. In addition to teaching, she has also worked for many years
in churches in the areas of Worship, Music, and Christian Education.
Once described as, "A cross
between Chicken Soup for the
Soul and Erma Bombeck," her books are down
to earth, yet inspirational, at the same time.
church to use during Advent, but has branched out and writes
coping and self-help books, humor, and inspirational thoughts.
A devout Christian, she began by writing devotionals for her
The reader often feels as if he is having a relaxed conversation with a
friend, as she shares some new thought that just occurred to her. Ms. Creasy's books
tackle the moments of everyday life, offer advice, and often share her own experiences.
Now, Ms. Creasy enjoys writing and visiting with family and friends. Her
grandchildren are the light of her life. If you have a free hour or two,
she'll gladly share pictures and tales of just how
adorable and wonderful they are.