Ordering Information
I know, you're expecting to click on something and get a"Put in your cart" message. And yes, that should be an option. After all, I've got it all set up with Paypal to do so... but months later, it's not set up on the webpage. What can I say?
However, it's still possible to send money by paypal, just not as automatically.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope it doesn't keep you from ordering!
Drop me an e-mail telling me what you want. You can send me money by mail, or paypal.
If I know you, we can take care of it in person and have a nice visit besides!
my e-mail: barbara@morningglorybooks.com
Depending on the books, (not all available each place, though working on it)
My books are also currently available in the following locations:

A Reader's Corner Bookstore on Frankfot Ave. in Louisville, KY
Karen's Books Barn and Java Stop on Main Street in LaGrange, KY
Bakery Blessings and Bookstore At The Bar on Harrodsburg Rd. in Lexington, KY.
Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com
Available for
Nook or Kindle on their websites (amazon & bn)
My Etsy Shop - about to be discontinued

Generally, I'd prefer you get my books from me (website) or from one of the local bookstores.
$2.99 E-book
Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day
Advent Devotionals (if available)
Just a Taste (currently only Kindle)

All books $10 each or 3/$25!
Hardbound editions are available for some books: $20-$25 Just Ask
Prices do not include postage. It is generally $3 for one paperback book, with less per book for larger orders.
$3.99 E-book
Cancer Can't Destroy Love
The Valley of the Shadow
Living What We Believe