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Editor's Note: Barbara Creasy's students often communicate through touch. Last year's 6th-grade class invited artists to
create sculptures that would cause them to "wonder, question, and use our senses in different ways." The students
then created their own sculptures and wrote about their experiences for the March/April issue of Dragonfly.
Their article, "Wind for a Dragon," is reprinted here with permission from the authors and the magazine's publisher.

Link to the Reprinted Article Here:
Wind for a Dragon
Did you know that reading and talking
are not the only important ways that we humans can communicate?

Here at the Kentucky School for the Blind, we also communicate by touching and feeling things. We invited artists to create sculptures for us to experience. Their art made us wonder, question and use our senses in different ways.

Click on the links to read the two parts of the article, about the sculptures
by artists and the ones we were inspired to create ourselves.

By the 6th-Grade Class of Barbara Creasy
Kentucky School for the Blind
Communication can happen in many ways -
with our speech, our hands, our touch,
our ears and our minds.