A Season in The Son

My Advent and Lent devotional books have been on a set theme, following a set topic. Fairly easy, as such things go. But then I had an idea: wouldn't it be "fun" to write a longer book?
I knew it'd be challenging, but something to do... some day. This fall, it occurred to me again. Instead of just a vaguely "long" devotional book, I decided to do it for the whole year! Yep. After dwelling on it awhile, and writing two Advent books at the same time, I came up with the plan.

The Plan
There will be 4 books, one for each season. Each has a general theme, yet the daily devotionals cover a variety of topics because it's real life! It was hard getting it all set up, but once I figured out a system and format, the writing moved along. Originally, I wanted to have the first one ready to release for Spring 2012. This could be done, but it'd be a serious time crunch. Following that, the Summer book would also be pressured. I decided to tentatively release the first of the set Summer 2012. This allows me more time to prepare and make it the way I want. And if it's not until Fall, okay .

The Back-Up Plan
In order to have enough
for the entire year, there are 4 books with approximately 91 devotionals each. That's
a lot of writing.
Until now, the longest devotional book was the Lenten one, with 50 passages. My back up
plan is to change the series from a year-long seasonal one to an open-ended
(in length) series on
various topics. These
would have about
50-60 passages each.
I've been playing with ideas for how I want it to look. Some of it is set, but there are a few details left to decide, such as color.

Every book in the series will be the same color for uniformity. If you'd like, you can share ideas and suggestions!

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