morning glory flowers used as bullets of list
morning glory flowers used as bullets of list
morning glory flowers used as bullets of list
Reflections on life in a small town; essays, poems, and my assorted meandering thoughts
Happy Thoughts: Looking at life from "The Bright Side"
Grandparents: Memoirs, stories, advice, and humor; This may be a GROUP effort! Want to join in? You can contribute as a grandparent, or share thoughts and stories about your own grandparents.
Mustn't forget about Advent 2011! But God hasn't told me the theme yet.. stay tuned!
My Inspirations: scriptures, songs, quotes, and images that speak to me.
The 23rd Psalm.... Reflections and Insight; Included experiences you'll be amazed by
~ Future Projects and Ideas ~
with updates as possible
For 20 years, I've thought it'd be fun to write a Derby book for school activities - perhaps by Derby 2012?
Ideas? Suggestions?
Both the Lenten Book and the Grandparent Book were suggested by someone else.

Whenever Possible,Have a Nice Day!
DONE! The Valley of the Shadow
DONE! A Candle is Burning
Thinking about the possibility of a year long devotional! What a project! I'd break it into 4 books, based on the seasons. I've been pondering it a quite a bit. Postponed because I wrote another book first. Tentatively, Spring 2012? or Summer for sure.
Assorted pieces - my favorite writings to share...