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Days 1-4: Getting Started
Day 1: In the Beginning
Day 2: "40"
Day 3: Sacrifice?
Day 4: You. Lent. Now.
Days 17-22: Casual Acquaintances
Sunday: Tomorrow's Hope
Day 17: Ministers Everywhere
Day 18: There Will Come a Time for All Things
Day 19: Bob
Day 20: Who is YOUR Neighbor?
Day 21: Doing Likewise
Day 22: Mission Emphasis: Youth Missions, Break Out!

Days 11-16: In the Community
Sunday: The Visit
Day 11: Living by Faith
Day 12: Remain Faithful to Your Purpose
Day 13: Faith
Day 14: The Garden of Life
Day 15: Who, ME?
Day 16: Mission Emphasis: Wayside Christian Mission, Diapers & Toiletries for the Homeless, Foundation of Hope Food Bank, Teddy Bear Tree
Days 23-28: Friends and Family Members
Sunday: Looking at Yourself Through God's Mirror
Day 23: Within the Inner Circle
Day 24: Soaring Together
Day 25: Olympics
Day 26: When You Are Wronged
Day 27: Living By Example
Day 28: Mission Emphasis: Relay for Life, CROP Hunger Walk

Days 29-34: Open Your Heart
Sunday: The Right Tool for the Job
Day 29: For We Are God's Fellow Workers
Day 30: Giving God Your Worries
Day 31: Prayer
Day 32: A Changed Man
Day 33: Getting Started
Day 34: What is God's Message to You?

Days 35-40: Sharing Holy Week
Sunday: Chocolate
Day 35: The Week That Changed History
Day 36: A Hint of Things to Come
Day 37: Do This in Remembrance
Day 38: God's Will for Us
Day 39: Sacrifice
The Scripture of the Crucifixion
Day 40: Sunday's a Comin'
Easter: REJOICE! He is Risen!

Days 5-10: In the World
Sunday: Snowflakes
Day 5: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Day 6: Shelter in Times of Trouble
Day 7: Finding Time for God
Day 8: Why Help Others?
Day 9: Understanding Lent: A Challenge
Day 10: Mission Emphasis: Haiti, Blankets

Strengthening Your Relationship with God
As You Serve Others
Contents of Living What We Believe