What is Easter?
When is Easter?
Is this book for you?
It is for you, as a do-it-yourself tool as you consider, re-evaluate, and accept ways that God could be using you.
1. Is this book for someone that does not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
2. Is this book for someone with a relationship with Christ that wants to form a deeper bond?
3. Is this book for someone that trusts God daily, that can't imagine going an hour without Him?
Living What We Believe
A Self-Help Study Guide for Lent
Living What We Believe was inspired
by Matthew 25:40 and Luke 10:37.
We are the hands and feet of Jesus
on earth today, and are to serve and love others as He showed us to do.
Who is your neighbor? That is the question in the sample lesson above.

This book is now available in both
paperback and e-book formats.

While Lent is a season in the Christian church-year, it is much more than that.
Lent is a
mindset, a way of life.
Relationship through
with THEM

the world,
your community,
friends and family,