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The Valley of the Shadow
A Candle is Burning
Cancer Can't Destroy Love
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Just a Taste
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Living What We Believe
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"Colors of Grace"
"More than Getting By
"The Music of the Season"
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JUST A TASTE is a collection of writing from over a dozen of my books. It includes pieces that are inspirational, serious, humorous, and motivating, all full of my usual positive thinking and coping techniques. Some are old favorites, while others have not been shared before.
Living What We Believe
The Valley
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He Shall Be Called Jesus
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As We Wait
A Candle is Burning
The Un-Advent Book
What is Advent?
In addition to paperback, my books are available in Kindle and Nook formats. Don't have one? You can download a free PC version on their websites!
Coping With Life
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Cancer Can't Destroy Love
Learning to Cope
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Just A Taste
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